Pick Your PENCO Lid Contest


Folks, we need your help picking a new hat design to add to PENCO’s already awesome hat collection. People love our hats. So, we figured why not give you a chance to get in on the action.

Pick Your PENCO Lid is your opportunity to cast your vote for your favorite design. The design that receives the most likes, wins!

Enter the contest for your chance to win your own FREE PENCO hat. The first 20 participants to vote and pick the winning hat, will receive their own winning PENCO hat.

To get in on the fun and increase your chance to win:
1. Share this post on Facebook and Instagram and tag us.
2. Follow us on Instagram.
3. Use the hashtag #PickYourPencoLid when posting to Social Media.
4. Click the link below to cast your vote. Click the heart icon next to your favorite PENCO lid.

Contest ends June 26, 2020. The winning hat will be announced on June 30th.

Show some love and vote today!

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