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  • Comment: OH, MY GOODNESS! My husband and I were out of our home and out of the state for two months taking care of family members. On our return (3:30 AM) we walked into our home. We thought it smelled strange. We found mold...a LOT of mold in our basement. A water leak in the kitchen sink, and a warm house (80 degrees) was a happy place for mold growth.
    Penco came to our rescue. The five people that spent a week with us cleaning, packing, instructing all the while making an awful situation bearable again. They came in with large air-scrubbers. They put on their masks, and gear and they went to work. The hardest working people in an uncomfortable environment I've ever seen. AND, they were happy and cheerful. How they did that is a wonder. Shonta, Jake, CeeJay, Skylar, and Josh will forever be my heroes. Josh would tell us each morning what to expect, he was VERY professional and patient with our questions. I HIGHLY recommend this team and this company to anyone faced with an unhealthy clean-up. They saved my sanity. I did not know where to turn; what a blessing to have such hardworking, knowledgeable people to give us a hand. I would adopt them if I could.
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