Board Up Service in Newnan, GA

Fire accidents are always scary. But what comes after is no less a hassle than the fire itself! The restoration work and other related things must start as soon as possible to lessen the damage and get back to their previous lives as early as possible.
During restoration work, the property that gets structurally damaged due to fire becomes vulnerable to intruders, vandalism, etc. That is the reason you need a board-up service to protect your place until the restoration work is done, and who is better than PENCO Restoration to do the job?
Besides board-up service, PENCO offers other services like fire restoration, fire restoration insurance claim, tarp over and many more. Contact us online or call us at 404-491-8866 for a free estimation.

Benefits of Board Up Service

There are some fantastic benefits of board-up service. Here are a few of them:

Benefits of Board Up Service
  • Helps Your Insurance Coverage Claim- Insurance companies are contacted after an accident. The wise thing to do after calling your insurance company is to call for board-up services. This will assist in keeping your property protected from further problems. Your insurance provider will appreciate the added protection and will be less likely to drop you or refuse to pay any damage if you have it.
  • Vandalism is avoided- Services for board-up keep vandals away from your home. Your building is vulnerable to theft, vandalism etc., after a fire, storm or another disaster. Sealing up your property will protect it from theft, squatters, and criminals.
  • Protection against further damage- Board-up service helps your property from getting further damage. As the windows and doors are most likely to get damaged and have holes, animals or other things may invade and cause more damage.

Why Choose Us?

There are some great reasons to choose us. Here are a few of them:

Board Up Services
  • We are a locally owned and operated company.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency service.
  • All our crews are licensed and insured.
  • We use state-of-the-art equipment and solution which is the best in the industry.
  • We are the Top Performer for Crawford Contractor Connection. We are in the top 200 of over 5,400 restoration companies in the US in this program in 2018.
  • We have the certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Let Us Provide You Board up Service 

Don't let your property suffer further after a disaster. Let us provide you with our fantastic board-up service and give your house the extra protection that it needs. So, if you live in  Coweta, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Carrollton, or our other surrounding areas, call us at 404-491-8866 for further information!