Fire Prevention Service in Newnan, GA 

There's no denying that a fire disaster may be quite upsetting. Your place can get destroyed and there is a considerable chance the structure of it may also get affected. Our experienced technicians at PENCO Restoration have been dealing with fire damage for years, and they know how to handle such delicate projects. Suppose your house or company in Brooks, Senoia, Turin, Whitewater, or other parts of Georgia is vulnerable to fire damage and you want to avoid it. In that case, we are delighted to serve you. 

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Fire Accident Prevention Measurement

Fire Damage may be pretty distressing by causing a lot of damage to your place. If you are not careful, a fire accident may end in death too. That's why you need to be extremely careful when it comes to fire accident prevention measurement:

Fire Accident Prevention Measurement
  • Candles should be used carefully and never without supervision.
  • Grills should be kept away from home. Never keep a propane tank inside your house with a barbeque, as it could be hazardous.
  • Smoke and CO detectors should never be turned off. These are life-saving technologies that will alert you to a life-threatening situation. Carbon monoxide, sometimes known as the Silent Killer, is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is the most common lethal result of the fire.
  • Indoor smoking could be fatal, and it is not permissible. A little act of negligence could cause a devastating fire.

Let Us Provide You with Fire Prevention Service

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Our services include Smoke and soot restoration, duct system smoke removal, fire damaged walls among many other services. Our technicians are licensed, insured and capable of handling even the most critical project.