Areas Where Mold Hides in Your Home in Newnan & Coweta

Mold growth can be very destructive to your home or office, particularly when it goes unnoticed for an extended stretch. Mold requires moisture to germinate and feeds on organic food sources -- which means most anything in your home, including drywall, wood, furniture, carpets, and more. When water or high humidity is present, there is a chance of mold growth. Too often, mold remains hidden behind walls, in the basement, in the crawl space, in the attic, and in dark, out-of-the-way areas of your property until musty smell surfaces and draws attention to the mold growth. It is essential to remove mold ASAP because it can be a health hazard.

When you suspect mold growth, reach out to the experts from PENCO Restoration to help you pinpoint hidden mold. Our IICRC-certified mold specialists have the necessary equipment & resources to identify mold in its primary hiding places and eliminate it completely. We offer mold inspection, testing & remediation services to customers in Newnan, Coweta, Lawrenceville, and other cities we serve. Give us a call at 404-491-8866 or click here to schedule an appointment ASAP.

Common Places Where Mold May Grow in Your Home

Mold thrives in damp, dark, places. Some common places where mold might be hiding in your home include:

  • Basement: With wall leaks, a dark environment, and plenty of organic material for food, mold thrives in basements.
  • Attic: Roof leaks, ceiling leaks, and heavy rain may cause water to seep inside your attic and trigger mold growth.
  • HVAC System: Ductwork moves moist air throughout your home, leading to mold growth within the air ducts.
Mold remediation service
  • Around Heating & Cooling Appliances: Water heaters, AC units, and other appliances may leak & trigger mold growth. 
  • On or Under Carpets: Wet carpets encourage mold growth when left unattended.
  • Underneath Wallpaper & Drywall: Mold can hide behind wallpaper, under paneling, or even behind wallboard.
  • Potted Plants: Over-watering plants may cause mold to grow on the surface of the soil & the pot itself.
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Count on Us to Find Hidden Molds in Senoia, Newnan, & Buford

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