Causes of Mold & Remediation Services in Newnan & Senoia

Generally, mold thrives in damp, wet conditions and feeds off organic materials found around your household. It can grow on furniture, carpets, HVAC equipment, and especially basements & crawl spaces. Appliance leaks from water heaters, garbage disposals, washing machines, and refrigerators may also encourage mold growth.

To prevent moldy conditions, it is best to dry damp areas as soon as you identify them. However, if you do have a mold infestation at your home or office in Georgia, trust the proven professionals at PENCO Restoration for quick & effective mold remediation services. To learn more, call us at 404-491-8866 or click here to schedule an appointment TODAY at your property in Coweta, Newnan, Tyrone, Senoia, and other cities within our service area in Georgia.

Cost-Effective & Reliable Mold Removal Services by PENCO

Once germinated, mold needs only 24-48 hours to grow. That is why it is essential to react quickly to a mold infestation. The IICRC-certified technicians at PENCO Restoration offer quick and cost-effective ways to test, identify, & eliminate mold. The list includes:

Reliable mold removal service

Water & Moisture: the Prime Ingredients to Trigger a Mold Growth

Because mold thrives in wet environments, the chance of mold growth increases significantly when you have a pipe leak or high indoor humidity. To help our customers prevent water damage from becoming a mold growth, we provide: 

Cost-effective mold removal service

Let PENCO Restoration Eliminate Mold in Coweta & Newnan

PENCO Restoration has almost two decades of experience in the mold & water damage restoration industry. We are the company to trust when you have a mold infestation in your home in Coweta, Newnan, Tyrone, Senoia, and other cities we serve in Georgia. Give us a call at 404-491-8866 or click here to schedule an appointment ASAP at your home or office today.