Black Mold Remediation Services in Newnan, GA

As the name suggests, black mold is typically dark in appearance and features circular-shaped patches that are black, dark green, or dark brown. Some black molds can take on orange hues or have white specks. Regardless of their coloration, all black molds have one thing in common. Black mold can pose a lot of serious health hazards to humans and requires immediate attention.

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Why Black Mold Remediation is Important at Your Home or Office

Black Mold Remediation Services in Newnan, GA

Black mold presents major health hazards to humans. Some prominent issues include:

  • Lung damage & respiratory ailments
  • Chronic coughing & sneezing
  • Red, runny eyes
  • Nose & throat irritation
  • Rashes
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Recurring headaches

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