Ceiling Water Leak Repair Service in Newnan, GA

A roof or ceiling water leak is a problem for several reasons. If you discover a leak, it can seriously damage your ceiling, walls, and floor. Damage to your ceiling can be dangerous. Repairs can also be quite expensive.

Once mold begins to grow from a water leak, you may need to remove and replace insulation, drywall, ceiling tiles, and other materials that are difficult or impossible to clean. In that case, a professional ceiling repair service is essential. PENCO Restoration has state-of-the-art equipment and licensed professionals who can give the perfect ceiling repair service at a budget-friendly cost.

We have over 17 years of knowledge in providing several water damage services. We are available in Douglasville, Griffin, Fayetteville, Carrollton, and other significant areas in our service area. Contact us today at 404-491-8866 to get ceiling repair service.

The Danger of a Leak in the Ceiling

The danger of A Leak in The Ceiling

A lot of molds can grow in your attic or ceiling and roof spaces. Exposure to this type of household mold has been linked to numerous health problems, including:

  • Respiratory illnesses and infections,
  • Sinusitis, and headaches,
  • Asthma attacks and pneumonia
  • Chronic diseases, migraines,
  • Hives, allergic reactions,
  • Sore throats and skin rashes
  • depression, fatigue, and digestive problems

Signs of Leaky Ceiling

Signs of Leaky Ceiling

It can be hard to find a leak in your roof. Often, a leak is not immediately visible. You may not mark a leak until it is pretty bad. However, some signs can indicate the leaky ceiling:

  • Discolored stains on the ceiling
  • Peeling paint or rotten wood around lights
  • Water stains or mold nearby the chimney
  • A musty smell, particularly in your attic
  • Damaged or cracked roof sheeting
  • Chimney problems such as broken tiles, cracked joints, or damaged roof sheeting

Choose PENCO Restoration to Repair Your Ceiling from Water Leak

We are a BBB A+ rated restoration company proudly providing several mold remediation services. Our other services include mold inspectionemergency water removal, emergency restoration, and water pipe repair service. Call us today at 404-491-8866 or contact us online for further details.