Water Damage Categorization in Newnan, GA

A leak or a pipe burst can occur unexpectedly. But it comes with a lot of other problems too. The casualty of water damage can be very severe if proper actions are not taken. If you are living in the CowetaMorelandOconee, and other regions of Georgia, then you know how disastrous a pipe burst is for your house. Taking professional help becomes the top priority. If actions are not taken then the damage can cause mold infestation which is very dreadful to your health.

If you are living around the above-mentioned places then you are in good hands. PENCO Restoration is here to provide you the best water damage restoration service to repair your house like it used to be. We provide our solution by category of the water level. Our experts will provide the quality service you deserve using the latest and high-end tools and equipment. So call us today at 404-491-8866 to avail of our services.

Water Damage Categorization in Newnan, GA

Categorization of the Water Damage

Categorization Of the Water Damage

The sources of water involved are categorized into 3 levels. The levels are as follows-

  • Category level 1: At this level, the damage is seen from the clean water sources like tap water lines, tanks, etc. The severity is not high and won’t cause any sickness but it will rapidly degrade to level 2.
  • Category level 2: At this level, the water that comes from is contaminated and has higher chances of getting sick from it. The sources are washing machine overflow, toilet overflow, dishwasher overflow, etc.
  • Category level 3: This level is severely harmful. The water that comes from is known as ‘black water’ which is highly contaminated. This liquid may contain organic matter, heavy metals, toxic substances, etc.

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