Water Damage Classification Process Newnan & Moreland, GA

Water damage is misery for every resident. It damages the paint, structural integrity and creates mold infestation. A pipe burst or leak is enough to make your day become a nightmare.

If you are a resident or an owner of commercial space around Newnan, Moreland, Coweta, and other regions of Georgia, then chances are high that you have faced pipe bursts or leaks. In this situation, all you want is professional help who can assist in solving the problem.

If you are living around the above-mentioned places then PENCO Restoration is ready to assist you with your water damage. Our certified experts will inspect the problem and solve it immediately through the classification of damage. We give our best to restore your house to its previous glory. So make sure to call us today at 404-491-8866 to avail of our services.

Water Damage Restoration Classification Process

Our Classification Process

Water Damage Restoration Classification Process from PENCO Restoration

There are four levels or classifications of the damage to determine the exact solution. The levels are as follows-

  • Level 1: It is the least severe and it involves the least amount of water that can damage units in your house. The affected area is small so extracting the water is pretty easy.
  • Level 2: It is more severe than level 1. Its damage involves a large amount of water spreading the entire room affecting carpets, rugs, cushions, etc. The height of the water remains below 24 inches.
  • Level 3: When there is an overhead pipe burst then the level reaches 3. In this situation, most of the regions of the house are severely damaged. You will find difficulty living in the house and the best restoration is badly needed.
  • Level 4: At this level, the damages are seen in almost every part of the house including brick, plaster, concrete, stone, etc. The structural integrity is at risk if restoration is not done as soon as possible.

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PENCO Restoration has been providing quality service for many years. We provide other services like plumbing overflow, appliance leak cleanup, burst & frozen pipe, etc. in Carrollton, Sharpsburg, Senoia, and other cities of Georgia. So if you are living around the above-listed places wanting the best water damage restoration service, then call us today at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to know more about our services!