Water Pipe Breakage and Repair Service in Newnan, GA

Accidents may occur at any time without warning. A water pipe may break accidentally anytime. What would you do if a water pipe breaks in your home? You must call us as early as possible as we can offer you the best possible service you may ask for!

When a water pipe, or even a fire alarm sprinkler breaks, your place becomes a total mess. Besides ruining your valuables, your foundation could also be damaged if not taken care of immediately. There’s are other threats like mold that also need to be taken care of by mold remediation service.

When you are battling with so many issues regarding your water pipe breakage that it gets impossible to handle things alone, that’s when we come into making your life easier and restore your place in the previous condition. Check out how we have transformed homes for a better understanding.

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Reasons for Water Pipe Break

Water Pipe Break

A water pipe may break because of numerous reasons. Let’s see some significant reasons for such occurrence:

  • Frozen water- In winter, water freezes due to low temperature and blocks normal water running through pipes. This icing of water puts excessive pressure on the line up to a point it breaks until further repair causes leaking.
  • Old pipework- Like everything, pipes also have a limit until the last. Engineers state that pipe life is usually about 20 years. Regular maintenance keeps lines in good condition for a long time, but they can’t take the pressure anymore and breaks after their lifespan.
  • External pressure- Water pipes may face pressure from outside like tree branches falling, a car passing over lines, or any heaving things that might cause damage.
  • Clogging- It is a significant reason for pipe bursting. Stubborn clogs might lead to water blockage, which creates excessive pressure on the pipe, and ultimately, it breaks.
  • Water pressure- Sometimes, when there is extreme water pressure on the pipe, it may get damaged and break.

Does Insurance Cover Water Pipe Break in Newnan, Georgia?

Most water damage caused by pipe breaks or frozen pipes is covered by insurance. Insurance varies; most mold and water damage in Newnan, GA, have different policies to cover mold and water damage.

We assure you to we provide support when filing for an insurance claim, and we directly work with insurance companies. Our team is there to assist you round the clock.

Insurance Cover Water Pipe Break in Newnan, Georgia

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We at PENCO Restoration work diligently by following some ways to work on water damage restoration. Check out our water damage restoration services to understand all the benefits.

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