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Planning in Advance
Commercial Emergency Response Plan

Knowing where the exits and fire extinguishers are isn’t enough to protect your building, your customers, your employees, or your assets when an emergency strikes. Creating an emergency response plan is the best and only way to truly ensure the safety of your operations.

For disasters large and small, ranging from electrical fires to tornados and hurricanes, PENCO knows the best strategies for keeping the belongings and people you care about safe. Having these plans in place limits liability and improves peace of mind if dangerous events ever occur.

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Design Your Own Safety

Emergency preparedness is the key to mitigating loss. Contact PENCO today to start building your preparedness plan.

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Stay Ahead of Disaster

Comprehensive Emergency Planning in Atlanta, GA

Don’t leave your business in a lurch—prepare for disaster ahead of time with professional evacuation plans and emergency response protocols. When you have these strategies in place, it’s easier to remain calm in dire situations. From the simple step of knowing who will contact emergency responders to more in-depth services such as shelter-in-place planning, PENCO knows how to cover every detail. Emergencies can catch you off guard and leave you liable or suffering from undue damages at any time, but thinking ahead will give you one leg up in protecting what’s most important to you. Reach out to our experienced team today to learn more and start creating your comprehensive commercial emergency response plan.

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Build Your Emergency Management Strategy

Distributing roles and responsibilities ahead of time will prevent panic and stress when an emergency occurs, as will setting up plans for emergency communication. As a professional property restoration company, PENCO knows the common pitfalls that companies face in disaster situations.

We’ll walk you through minutiae such as making sure your employees each have an emergency contact set up and strategize larger problems such as how to safely clear an area, including safe locations to meet away from the danger. Don’t wait to put a preventative plan in place.

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Create a Preparedness Plan

Knowing who will contact medical services or how to set up an evacuation route can be the deciding factor between loss and protection. Having an emergency plan in place will mitigate the scope of your disaster and limit your liability in the long run.

For 20 years, PENCO has shared expertise with business owners throughout the Southeast to design better emergency management solutions. Get in touch with our team today to learn more and create foolproof safety measures based on experienced knowledge.

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