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Re-Establish Safety
Restoring Single Family Homes

In the aftermath of a disaster, the most important thing is protecting the safety of your loved ones. At PENCO, we work with homeowners to mitigate loss and find a stable path to returning their property to a place that feels like home again.

PENCO Restoration is the top trusted restoration company across Georgia. Our restoration team consists of highly-trained and experienced personnel who carefully attend to every aspect of your property throughout the entire restoration process. When you hire us, you’ll receive the PENCO Promise—to return your home to its pre-loss condition with quality, dignity, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Find Renewed Comfort

Residential Property Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Rely on our 20 years of restoration experience to get your family safely back into your home. With unmatched quality and workmanship, you can trust that our remediation and reconstruction offerings will return your home to pre-loss condition. From board-up services to secure off-site storage for belongings to smoke odor removal, the PENCO team provides comprehensive service to deliver better outcomes for your property restoration project. We’ll walk you through every step of the process, including handling the insurance claim, and we’ll address every aspect of your project in detail to provide you with peace of mind.

Keep What Matters

Restore Belongings with Contents Restoration

Your home is more than a place where you lay your head at night—it’s a safe haven from the world, and it’s where you keep the items that bring you comfort and have sentimental value. When disaster strikes, it can put the most significant objects you care about into jeopardy.

At PENCO, we understand that many of these items are irreplaceable. We use advanced cleaning methods to try and salvage as much as possible from any damaged property, paying special attention to your most precious items. Rely on the insight and training of our contents restoration professionals for better results that reduce your losses.

Answers to Your Residential Property Restoration FAQs

PENCO works 24/7/365 to deliver property restoration services when they’re needed most. Call us at 770-683-7362, and we’ll send a restoration contractor to you ASAP.

PENCO Restoration is a full-service restoration company, and we take care of all types of remediation issues for our clients. Some of the most common residential remediation services we provide include:

  • Water damage services
  • Flooding cleanup
  • Storm damage and hurricane damage
  • Fire damage
  • Smoke odor removal
  • Mold testing and mold decontamination

Contact us today to discuss your property’s needs and request a free service consultation.

When your home has undergone a fire, water damage, or a natural disaster, it’s important to be on the lookout for these signs:

  • Unpleasant Smell – Any level of water intrusion can result in a musty smell, and smoke and soot will also create a lingering odor. These scents indicate poor air quality due to microbes or carbon particles and should be cleaned professionally.
  • Destruction of Personal Effects – Books, photos, art, heirlooms, stuffed animals, mementos, electronics, appliances, and other personal belongings will all likely be affected by smoke, fire, or water damage. We offer cleaning and remediation services to salvage these valuables.
  • Destruction of Furniture – Blistering, flaking, smoke odor absorption, and furniture becoming brittle are all signs that it may be unsafe for use. Let our restoration professionals determine what can be cleaned and restored and what needs to be replaced.
  • Food & Water Contamination – Soot and smoke will ruin food products you have stored in pantries and open areas. If floodwater enters pipes or comes into contact with food preparation surfaces, the harmful microbes carried in the water can make your loved ones gravely ill.
  • Mold Infestation – In the aftermath of a flood or after water is used to douse a fire, walls, floors, and any absorptive surfaces become the perfect place for mold to grow. This can cause medical problems to develop for guests and anyone living in your home.
  • Fire & Electric Hazards – Floodwater may make contact with power outlets or exposed wiring, creating the potential for electrocution or a future fire.
Take the First Steps

Feel at Home Again

Any severe accident or disaster can leave you feeling alienated from a space that’s meant to instill the greatest sense of comfort. Make your house feel like a home again with restoration services from PENCO.

Our dedicated restoration professionals will swiftly implement board-up and weatherization services to prevent further loss and then outline a plan of action for full restoration. The PENCO team will also assess your home for mold damage, including advanced air sampling and working with a certified hygienist before beginning any required work. With special attention to detail and years of experience under our belt, we deliver a seamless restoration experience for homeowners in the greater Atlanta metro area.

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