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24-Hour Emergency Service
Experienced Property Restoration Team in Norcross, GA

In times of unexpected calamities affecting your residence or business, you require a comprehensive, end-to-end catastrophe recovery and restoration provider that you can trust. Immediate attention to your possessions is crucial when dealing with unforeseen disasters, even before the reconstruction phase begins.

At PENCO Restoration, we offer a wide range of restoration services tailored to your specific requirements. As a certified construction company serving Norcross, we are well-equipped to deliver the necessary repair and restoration solutions for your residential and commercial properties. For more information, please reach out to us at 770-683-7362.

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Quality Service & Quick Response Times

We deliver fast and reliable service to all of our property restoration customers around Norcross, GA.

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Regional Restoration Experts

Certified & Insured Damage Restoration & Disinfection Specialists in Norcross, GA

Our team of restoration specialists is well-equipped to tackle a wide array of challenges that property owners may confront. As we embark on the process of reconstructing your residential or commercial property in Norcross, we maintain strict adherence to all local construction regulations and standards. Our commitment to serving our clients is unwavering, ensuring that we tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

For enhanced surface and air quality within both residential and commercial spaces, our sanitizing and disinfection services offer a valuable solution. Utilizing cutting-edge electrostatic and fogging application techniques, we outperform traditional methods by a significant margin. We also offer a range of specialized indoor disinfection services to treat environments for active viruses and bacteria effectively.

Certified, Thorough Cleaning

Reliable Storm Damage Restoration Services

Storm damage is unpredictable and can strike at any time of the year, ranging from minor inconveniences to severe destruction. Regardless of the situation, we are here to assist you in swiftly and effectively resolving any damage incurred.

Our comprehensive storm damage repair package encompasses a wide range of services designed to address various storm-related issues. This includes essential services such as water removal and cleanup, tree removal, roof repairs and tarping, as well as comprehensive home reconstruction, among others.

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Georgia’s Trusted Local Restoration Company

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Experienced Property Restoration Services

Our dedicated team places a strong emphasis on product quality and ensuring customer satisfaction. We take pride in the positive reviews we’ve received from our esteemed clients. In Norcross, GA, we’ve established a reputation as an industry leader, offering top-tier restoration services for both residential and commercial customers. As part of our commitment, we provide free inspections to our valued customers. For more information, please contact us at 770-683-7362 or visit our website.

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