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Eliminate Grit
Kitchen and Bathroom Grout Cleaning

As areas you use on a daily basis, your kitchen and bathroom are subjected to intense amounts of dirt and wear. Keeping them clean is a laborious task and a very necessary one, but often, at-home solutions aren’t the smartest or most effective way of tending to these areas.

Protect the appearance and lifespan of your tiled surfaces with our professional kitchen and bath grout cleaning services. PENCO Clean provides top-level cleaning solutions to address the unique needs of tile and grout. Our reasonable prices, best-quality service, and state-of-the-art equipment make your cleaning routines easier in the immediate future and for months to come.

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Maintain Your Space

Beautify and cleanse the surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom with our professional-grade grout and tile cleaners.

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Sanitize Your Spaces

Better Grout Cleaning in Atlanta, GA

Keeping your kitchen and bathroom clean is one of the most important ways of keeping yourself and others healthy, but wiping down counters with a wet cloth and sweeping on a weekly basis isn’t enough to do the job right. For a deep clean that removes lingering particles and pathogens, you need professional tile and grout cleaning services from a trusted company. At PENCO, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results that keep your spaces sanitary for daily use.

Attention to Detail

Keep Bath and Kitchen Tiles Clean

Kitchens and bathrooms are where we keep some of the messiest items we use on a daily basis. Oily substances and greasy handprints, powdery makeup and cooking ingredients, slick shampoos and pomades all leave their marks on the surfaces in these rooms.

Removing lingering molecules that get into nooks and crannies is important for preventing bacterial growth and bad odors. From tile flooring to grout lines on countertops and beyond, PENCO Clean can have your kitchen or bath smelling fresh and looking like new in no time. Professional cleaning ensures you mitigate health risks and even extends the lifespan of your tiled surfaces. Don’t wait to protect your space—contact PENCO Clean today to book your service.

Answers to Your Grout Cleaning FAQs

Grouting is a porous substance that will readily absorb chemicals it comes into contact with. This can result in material deterioration over time or quickly lead to grout discoloration. PENCO uses dedicated tile and grout cleaner for safe, beautiful results.

Yes! We offer grout sealing and grout colorization to protect the appearance of your tiled surfaces and remediate discoloration issues. You can remove dirt and grime and even return white grout to its original color.

PENCO offers specialized cleaning treatments for porous surfaces, including natural stone countertops, backsplash tiling, floor tiling, and grouting. Contact us today to discuss your service needs.

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Grit and Grime Be Gone

Don’t let the daily wear and tear that your kitchen and bathroom see every day be reflected in your tiled and grouted surfaces. Instead, re-discover their original color and shine with kitchen and bath cleaning services that restore beauty and bring true cleanliness to your spaces.

At PENCO Clean, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and doing our jobs right for better results. Get in touch with our team of tile and grout cleaning professionals today to book your service appointment and extend the life of your most dependable surfaces.

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