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Interim Property Protection
Board-Up Services

When your property has been damaged by fire or another type of disaster, the last thing you want to worry about is further disturbances to your belongings and assets. Unfortunately, fire and water damage can open up any enclosed structure to natural disruption and unwanted attention. From weather to wildlife to vandals, if your property isn’t properly closed up, you may find yourself facing further loss.

Avoid additional devastation and the risk of greater financial strain with protective board-up services. Before property restoration begins, PENCO Restoration can put temporary protections, including tarps, in place to prevent additional damage.

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Boarded-Up Property is Safe Property

We’re experts in sealing up cracks, crevices, and entrances to keep everything you have left safe from the elements and other disturbances. Contact us to learn more.

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Safeguard Your Property

Weatherization and Board-Up Services in Atlanta, GA

Disasters from fires or storms are unexpected and often catastrophic. Restoration can begin only so quickly, and further exposure can mean more damage, making your home or business uninhabitable or susceptible to theft or vandalism. PENCO Restoration can provide effective board-up service that gives damaged property protection from elements and intruders. Boarding up your building can get you back to normal life or work and defend it in the interim between disaster and the beginning of the restoration process. Explore the key reasons these services are important below.

Protect Your Claim

After filing your insurance claim, weatherization and board-up services are the next logical step to protect your property. Your insurance carrier will want the added protection and be less likely to dispute coverage for further damage, should it occur.

Ward Off Vandalism

An obviously unattended or damaged building may be seen as an invitation to vandals. Sealing your property can protect it during ongoing restoration from criminal activity, unexpected visitors, theft, and even wandering wildlife.

Limit Further Damage

Keeping out or limiting animals, the elements, and intruders can minimize further damage to your property or business after a fire or other disaster. These services often ensure that salvageable fixtures and other property are better preserved.

Limit Liability

When property isn’t temporarily sealed off, there’s the potential risk for anyone off the street to heedlessly wander in. If someone is injured on your damaged, unprotected property, you could be held liable.

Diminish Risks

Property Damage Prevention & Tarp-Over Services

Even after your property has been damaged by a fire or storm, the risk of loss isn’t over. Any openings in the walls or ceiling will very literally open your building up to water damage, mold damage, flood damage, animal disturbance, and pest infestation. This can include everything from trees falling on the roof to blown-out windows to crumbling bricks and drywall.

Don’t leave the security of your remaining assets to chance—tarping your property and keeping it boarded up will add a much-needed layer of defense. Let PENCO Restoration protect your property and deliver peace of mind as you start down the path to recovery. Book your property restoration service today.

Answers to Your Weatherization FAQs

After fire or water damage, your home or business is likely to need protective board-up services. Whether flames have eaten through the walls and ceiling to create openings, glass has been blown out of windows and doors, or a storm has caused the roof to cave in, boarding up your property offers greater safety and security.

When the integrity of a building is compromised by fire and other disasters, there are many moving parts that can be put into jeopardy. You’ll likely need to seal off entryways, especially doors where glass is blown out, or there is a risk that the surrounding frame structure has damage to it.

An aspect property owners can often overlook includes garage doors and other types of entryways that are connected to electrical wiring. These can be at greater risk in the aftermath of a fire or water damage, putting individuals in the area at risk of electrocution and any remaining property structure at risk for another fire if not properly sealed off.

Contact the restoration team at PENCO for a professional opinion and fast board-up services.

Tarp-over services come in handy for instances of roof damage and ongoing storms. They help keep the elements out to reduce further harm to any interior structures or assets. They may be recommended by restoration professionals in the wake of fire damage, storm damage, or other disasters.

Often, a property will need to be boarded up before the structure has been inspected for health risks, including the potential of collapse. Hiring a trusted restoration company like PENCO will protect you and ensure that any and all entrances are secured. Rely on our 20 years of experience for verified safety in boarding up your property.

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Get Restoration & Property Protection Services

Establish a Barrier & Defend Your Property Line

When disaster strikes, you need comprehensive care to mitigate damage and prevent further loss. Request your emergency service and free estimate today when you reach out to our reliable team. The PENCO professionals will secure your perimeter with board-up services and weather tarping services.

In our two decades of experience, we’ve completed well over 2,000 property restoration projects in the greater Atlanta Metro area and throughout the Southeast. From fire restoration to mold remediation to insurance claim assistance, we’re proud to support clients far and wide in their journey to return to pre-loss conditions. Contact us today to take the first steps.

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