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Grout Colorizing

Ready for a kitchen refresh or a bathroom upgrade on a budget? Make the simple shift of grout coloring! With this professional service from PENCO Clean, you can give a new dimension to your tiled surfaces.

Discover the difference a brighter, lighter color can make in your space or experiment with dark grout to add a level of sophistication. This solution is cheaper, more convenient, and less dirty than removing the grout or retiling your floor. Rely on our expert technicians for experienced insight and clean, professional service.

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Revamp Your Grout Lines

Elevate your kitchen, bathroom, porch, or other tiled room with professional grout coloring from PENCO Clean. Learn more by contacting us today.

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Pristine Appearance

Detailed Grout Coloring in Atlanta, GA

When your tiled surfaces face daily use, over time, the grouting will become discolored, dingy-looking, and simply deteriorate with age. Grout coloring is a powerful strategy for making your grouting look cleaner and newer. The beautiful effects will extend to the tiling around it and even the entire room. Our technicians will carefully apply your new color to every nook and corner of grout joints, creating a flawlessly beautiful new look for your space.

Precise Workmanship

Our Grout Colorizing Process

At PENCO Clean, we bring tile floors back to a like-new appearance with this grout colorizing process:

  • Color choice — Perfectly match your decor style or find a way to completely shift it with our broad range of numerous grout colors to choose from.
  • Cleaning — Our technicians clean the tile and grouting, removing all residues and oils that might interfere with the recoloring.
  • Applying color — We apply your selected color to the existing grout, creating a permanent new appearance. We’re experts at preventing the issue of excess colorant!
  • Grout sealer — Protective sealant will maintain the bright, full luster of your new color.

Answers to Your Grout Staining FAQs

We have a full range of color options to choose from that are sure to suit your needs and your decor style. Speak with one of our technicians today to start exploring our selection.

Grout sealing is a great option for proactive care that defends the color of your grout lines. PENCO offers expert grout sealing services—you can book your appointment today when you contact us.

We provide detail-oriented tile and grout cleaning services to provide our clients with beautiful, sanitary spaces and grout sealing services to protect our work long-term.

Beter Grout Recoloring

Make Your Space Like New

Have you forgotten the original color of your floor, countertops, or backsplash? We use our tiled surfaces so much that they often get dirty fast and stay dirty in ways that hide their natural beauty. Give your space the perfect refresh with grout recoloring. PENCO Clean knows the best techniques and has a fantastic range of color options for you to choose from.

Whether you need us to clean your grout, seal it, or you need professional recoloring services, the PENCO team is here to keep your property in beautiful condition. Reach out to us today to book your service appointment or learn more about our process.

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