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Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke odors can be stubborn and difficult to remove. They penetrate surfaces, lock into corners, settle in crevices, and are absorbed deeply by fibers and fabrics. They can hide in closets and blend in with background smells such as cooking or other odors, but covering them up isn’t enough. Professional cleaning ensures full removal of smoke smells and better air quality—an essential factor for a healthy environment, a comfortable space, and the overall impression people experience when they walk through your doors.

Nearly every common type of surface—from wood to paint, from carpet to porous stone—absorbs odors, and smoke molecules are some of the worst elements to have locked inside your interior spaces. Don’t let them settle permanently. Remove the smell of cigarette smoke, fire damage, and odorous molecules with professional smoke cleaning services from PENCO Restoration.

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Protect your belongings, your interior spaces, and the health of any visitors with thorough smoke cleaning of any affected areas. Request your consultation today!

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Breathe Freely Again

Superior Smoke Damage Restoration in Atlanta, GA

Unpleasant odors, particularly harsh ones such as smoke, shouldn’t be a way of life. With PENCO’s help, they don’t have to be. Persistent tobacco use and any case of a fire in or near your property can leave lingering smoke odors that cause an unpleasant atmosphere and pose health hazards. Microscopic smoke particles cling to walls, furniture, floors, clothing, and other items, adding issues of sanitation to the mix and affecting the quality and longevity of your assets. All three of these issues are key points of importance when it comes to smoke odor removal.

Health Risks

Smoke, soot, and fire-related odors in your air ducts mean that your building is compromised. Until it is cleaned, the HVAC system in a smoke-damaged building will continually circulate smoke dust, particles, and other contaminants, affecting air quality to the point that it can aggravate breathing problems such as asthma or even cause their development.

Sanitary Concerns

Smoke often lingers in the same places where mold, mildew, and pathogens like to flourish. Cleaning smoke residue brings the added benefit of refreshing dark, dank areas to improve the overall sanitation quality of your space.

Asset Restoration

After a fire or cigarette smoke exposure, your objects won’t be the same anymore. Return them to better condition with professional cleaning. You’ll prevent long-term odor upholstery attachment and see improved quality in your assets, helping them function as intended or allowing you to enjoy them to the fullest.

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Refresh Your Belongings

Contents Restoration & Smoke Removal in Atlanta, GA

We have a team of experts at our state-of-the-art contents restoration facility to gently clean and restore your valuables, including appliances, fixtures, personal items, and sentimental objects. We will safely store your belongings and once our restoration work is done, deliver them to you. These are the steps we take to restore your valuables in accidents involving smoke & fire damage:

  • Work with you to determine which of your valuables to restore
  • Work directly with your insurance company to file your claim
  • Transfer your valuables to our contents restoration facility
  • Clean and restore your contents
  • Store your personal belongings
  • Deliver your contents to you once your property is restored

Request your service today for greater success in reclaiming and restoring your assets.

Answers to Your Smoke Damage FAQs

Smoke damage can result from a variety of circumstances, but the primary reasons for smoke odor removal are as follows:

  • Your property has experienced fire damage
  • There has been a fire in your neighborhood or near your business
  • One or more people have been smoking on your property

Smoke is pervasive and will linger for weeks, affecting your air quality, posing health and sanitation risks, and damaging your belongings. Treat the issue quickly with professional smoke cleaning services from PENCO Restoration.

Yes! PENCO offers comprehensive smoke damage control, and professional smoke cleaning services are the best way to ensure your belongings recover fully. Some important items that property owners might need smoke removal services for include:

  • Rugs or carpets (even industrial ones)
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Draperies, sheets, tablecloths, uniforms/clothing, and other fabrics
  • Books and artwork
  • Documents
  • Ornamental accessories

Yes! Our additional fire restoration services include smoke and soot restoration, duct system smoke removal, repair of fire-damaged walls, and fire-damaged appliance restoration. Call 770-683-7362 or contact us online to learn more about our fire or smoke services, and we’ll arrange a consultation.

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For superior, professional smoke odor removal when your indoor air quality has become smoke-degraded, PENCO Restoration is the solution. Smoke odor removal, particularly from a fire or years of tobacco use, isn’t a DIY fix. Regular household cleansers, sprays, or other remedies can’t reach every spot where smoke settles.

Forget shortcuts and call PENCO Restoration for professional, thorough smoke odor removal and other smoke damage restoration services. Our specialized products and proven techniques for removing the effects of smoke damage will have your home or business ready for daily life again in no time. Contact us today to request your free consultation and get back on track as soon as possible.

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