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Carpet Odor Removal

As much as anyone loves the comfort of a carpet, it spends a lot of time very literally underfoot. While it absorbs shock with every step you take it’s also absorbing the smells of everywhere else you’ve walked. When that bad smell builds up enough to be noticeable, no amount of vacuuming or room diffusers will make it go away.

At PENCO, our powerful cleaning solutions penetrate carpet fibers and neutralize odors to provide you with lasting freshness. A bad-smelling carpet will affect the whole room and lower your air quality. Treat underlying problems such as allergens and smelly stains with professional service from PENCO.

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Deep Clean Your Carpets

Revitalize your rooms and create a healthier, more welcoming space with professional carpet cleaning and odor removal services from PENCO.

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Eliminate Odors

Powerful Carpet Odor Removal in Atlanta, GA

Air fresheners and essential oils can only do so much to cover up the cause of a stinky room. Carpet fibers are known for locking in and trapping dirt, allergens, stains, and other smelly aspects of our daily lives. When you’re ready for a lasting solution that gets to the root of the problem, PENCO will provide top-of-the-line professional carpet cleaning solutions designed to target and neutralize odors.

Powerful Solutions

Better Carpet Deodorizing Services

All the decorations, throw pillows, and blankets in the world won’t be enough to create a more comfortable space when your carpet smells bad. As your professional carpet cleaner, PENCO offers dynamic, high-level solutions for addressing unwanted odors, including:

  • Enzyme treatments
  • Anti-microbial treatments
  • Oxidizers
  • Paring or masking agents

Learn more about our odor-eliminating solutions for carpets in the FAQ below.

Answers to Your Carpet Odor Removal FAQs

There are many reasons a carpet might retain unpleasant odors, from material type to wear and tear to lingering stains. At PENCO, we’re experts in analyzing smelly problems and implementing powerful solutions that suit your unique needs. Call us today to book your service and finally enjoy a long-lasting clean for your carpet.

We offer a wide range of odor treatments to address a variety of carpet problems, including:

  • Enzyme Treatments – Organic odors can be treated with enzymes, which work by digesting the organic materials (such as pet urine) causing the bad smells.
  • Anti-Microbial Treatments – Odors caused by bacteria can be addressed by anti-microbial treatments, which kill the bacteria-causing odors.
  • Oxidizers – Treating organic odors and microbial organisms can be done through oxidizers, which work by using oxygen to “burn up” any odor-causing molecules. They are a great non-chemical solution.
  • Paring or Masking Agents – Masking bad smells doesn’t get to the root of your odor problem, but it does provide an effective cover by “capturing” the offensive molecules and temporarily hiding them.
  • Foo Foo – This term is used to refer to good smells that mask bad ones. They come in many different appealing scents and are often inexpensive, but they are only temporary, surface-level solutions.

Your PENCO cleaning professional can recommend the ideal solution for your carpet type and odor problem. Full removal of the odor source with specialized cleaning products is ideally the best strategy, but it can also be expensive. PENCO offers a full range of options suited to various circumstances and budgets.

Cleanse and Refresh

Don’t Let Smells Linger

Say goodbye to persistent bad smells once and for all with help from PENCO, your professional carpet cleaning company. We set the industry standard in cleaning solutions thanks to our advanced equipment and continuing employee training.

Throughout the Southeast, we’ve helped property owners bring new life to their environments with the power of stain and odor removal carpet cleaning services. Extend the life of your carpet and start enjoying the sanitary benefits today when you call to book your service.

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