Mold Damage After Leaks in Atlanta & Newnan, GA

Plumbing leaks are one thing when they're easily visible and accessible for repair. But what if a plumbing leak is hiding somewhere undetected until the damage is severe? It takes only a few days for mold growth and damage to take hold, and that's never good news.

PENCO Restoration is your ultimate solution for mold damage after leaks when you need of testing, remediation, removal and restoration. We're a restoration and mold remediation industry leader across Georgia, solving a wide variety of water damage problems.

We assist customers in AtlantaPeachtree City, Norcross, Douglasville, Austell, and throughout our GA service area. Call us today at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a PENCO representative.

Some Mold Damage Facts | Call PENCO Restoration

PENCO Restoration knows that discovering mold growth after water damage can be a game-changer for your home. Our priority is delivering solutions, not more questions and problems. Getting your home back to normal ASAP is the ultimate goal. Our plumbing leak mold damage remediation and removal might leave you with the following questions:

After a plumbing leak, how can I prevent mold damage?

You'll first need to turn off your water supply upon suspecting or detecting your leak and damage. Checking for more leaks along your damaged line is likely necessary, catching, cleaning up, or drying as much excess water as possible, and moving contents that can mold out of harm's way are also good safeguards. PENCO Restoration can assist you with these tasks.

Can future mold growth be prevented?

If your leak source is fully repaired, affected surfaces are restored professionally by the skilled PENCO Restoration experts, and any persistent moisture is halted, you'll be able to move forward mold-free. Regular checks or maintenance also never hurt. We'll make sure previous issues that caused your mold don't stand a chance of returning.

Black mold on the wall

Trust PENCO Restoration For Mold Damage After Leaks in Athens

PENCO Restoration is your remediation and removal solution for plumbing leak mold damage. We also handle flood damage, plumbing overflows, appliance leak cleanup, structural damage, floor water damage, tile and grout cleanup, plumbing leak damage, water pipe breaks, and more. We're a leading, locally owned and IICRC-certified restoration provider across Georgia. Call us today at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to learn more and book an appointment with a PENCO team member about your roof leak water damage.