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  • Reviewed By: Kelly H.
  • Location: Newnan, GA
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  • Comment: From start to finish, we have had nothing but an absolutely wonderful, genuine, professional experience with our Penco friends! Losing your house of 40+ years from a traumatic tornado is something I’d imagine no one wants to experience, but if we had to go through this, I’m glad we were able to have the Penco team help us every step of the way. They took a very emotionally-sensitive situation and handled it with compassion and empathy. Trey shared great organization, understanding, expertise and talent in the various phases of demolition and reconstruction. They listened, answered our questions, were extremely responsive and always gave us excellent recommendations on the restoration process. And ultimately, we ended up with a beautifully remodeled home that we’re very pleased with! Thanks, especially to Jeff Halus toward the latter part of the project and to Trey towards to the beginning. They were both so awesome to work with!
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