Causes of Mold & Remediation Services in Newnan & Senoia, GA

Generally, mold thrives in damp, wet conditions and feeds off organic materials found around your household. It can grow on furniture, carpets, HVAC system, and especially basements & crawl spaces. Additionally, appliance leaks such as from water heaters may also encourage mold growth. To prevent moldy conditions, it is best to dry up damp areas as soon as you identify them. However, if you do have a mold infestation in your home or office in Georgia, count on PENCO Restoration for quick & effective mold remediation. Simply call us at 404-491-8866 or click here to schedule an appointment TODAY!

Cost-Effective & Reliable Mold Removal Services

A moisture supply and an organic food source are both necessary for mold to grow, but the moisture source is more critical. Once germinated, mold can take about 24-48 hours to grow even further and spread wider across your property. It is essential to take action fast to recover from mold infestation. PENCO Restoration offers various services designed to test, identify, & eliminate mold effectively.

Our IICRC certified professionals provide mold inspection, mold testing, as well as mold remediation services in order to protect your home or commercial property from mold damage. There are many causes for mold growth, but PENCO Restoration is the affordable & reliable answer when you want to get rid of mold. We offer:


Water & Moisture; the Main Reasons for Mold Growth

As mentioned earlier, molds thrive in damp conditions. Moisture & water are their favorite thing. When you have a pipe leak, appliance leak, flood, or any other damage that includes water, the chances of mold growth increase significantly. To avoid mold, rely on the specialists from PENCO Restoration to clean, dry, & mitigate water damages to your property. To help our customers from water damage across Georgia, we provide: 


Let PENCO Restoration Handle the Cause of Mold

PENCO Restoration has more than 17 years of mold & water damage restoration experience. We are the most certified company to trust when you have a mold infestation in your home in Coweta, Newnan, Tyrone, Senoia, and other nearby areas in Georgia. Give us a call at 404-491-8866 for affordable mold remediation services. No matter the cause, we can take care of it!