Ceilings Mold Remediation in Newnan & Moreland, GA

Mold thrives in dark, wet, poorly ventilated spaces that receive little to no sunshine. as a result, it usually affects the ceiling in various areas throughout the house. The infestation manifests initially as a scattering of spots, but it quickly spreads to form enormous patches that are both destructive to the structure and dangerous to human health. To avoid such hazards Penco Restoration is here to assist you.

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Causes of Ceiling Mold

fungus mold close up white roof
  • Humidity: Mildew can only thrive in damp environments. Because of the frequent occurrences of increasing humidity, mold will frequently be seen on bathroom ceilings.
  • Water Leaks: If there are water leaks in the ceiling and they go undetected, the mold will have a fertile environment in which to thrive. Mold spores need a moist environment to thrive and spread, and water that saturates building components creates dampness.
  • Poor Insulation: Insulation has a role in controlling the relative humidity and temperature inside a structure. As a result, many homes suffer from ceiling mold due to inadequate insulation.
mold in the corner of the house ceiling

Save Your Structure From Ceiling Mold

Since mold feeds on and decomposes organic stuff, it has the potential to inflict significant structural damage to a building. Walls, paper backing, insulation, and carpeting that have been infected with mold must be thrown away. Cleaning and removal entail tremendous expenditure and inconvenience but are often required.

Eliminate Mold to Preserve Your Structure!

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