Leaky Garbage Disposal Cleanup & Restoration in Newnan, GA

A leaky garbage disposal may create a damp environment in your house. As this disposal cause water damage in your kitchen, need costly plumbing damage repair. Otherwise, water from wastage can spread into your floor and cause flood damage. It can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but fear not! Penco Restoration is here to help you out with leaky garbage disposal restoration.

Our professionals have years of experience in solving water damage restoration and plumbing leak damage restoration issues throughout Atlanta, Newman, Albany, Brooks, and other cities in Georgia. Call our experts at 404-491-8866 or click here to schedule an appointment for leaky garbage disposal restoration.

Reasons for Leaky Garbage Disposal

Here are the most prevalent causes of garbage disposal:

  • Worn seals: The rubber seals that prevent water and garbage from exiting the disposal might wear or become damaged over time, resulting in leaks around the sink or drain connections.
  • Cracked or damaged housing: The exterior housing of the garbage disposal can crack or become damaged due to impact or wear and tear, allowing water to leak out.
  • Faulty or aging components: Components such as gaskets, O-rings, or mounting bolts can wear out or deteriorate over time, leading to leaks.
  • Clogs or blockages: Water can back up and seep out if there is a clog or obstruction in the disposal or the connected pipes.
Restoration and clean-up of a leaky garbage disposal

It is important to fix leaky garbage disposal as soon as possible to avoid mold development and other potential problems. If you are unsure about the exact reason for the leak, you can contact our certified restoration professionals for help.

24/7 Emergency Water Damage Cleanup from Leaky Garbage Disposal

Don’t let the situation become worsen due to water damage from leaky garbage! Call our IICRC-certified professionals at 404-491-8866, they will temporarily repair the leak and clean up the damaged area. Our professionals have good expertise in water pipe break damage restoration, mold remediation, disinfecting services, and more. See our completed jobs and customer review here. Contact us online for a quick response.