Water Damage Estimating in Newnan, Coweta, & Senoia, GA

A burst pipe or leak occurs like an uninvited guest intruding into your property. It strikes without warning and does physical damage to your home or office, forcing you to seek water damage restoration services in Newnan, Oconee, Moreland, and other cities within our service area.

When you are in this situation, PENCO Restoration can help. Our restoration experts have the knowledge and expertise to provide water damage estimating services. Our certified experts and crew will inspect your whole house to assess the damage and provide a written report & estimate. We can handle any type of restoration project, including waterfire, storm, and mold. When you need our help, call us at 404-491-8866 or click here to make an appointment today.

Water Damage Estimating in Newnan, GA

Estimation of Water Damage

After we get your call, our crew will reach your destination ASAP and start inspecting the problem. The whole area is assessed to make sure there are no additional damages left unseen. The estimation depends on two variables, which are the classification of water damage and the categorization of water level.

Depending on the level of damage, the restoration cost fluctuates. After the report of damage is completed, water extraction takes place immediately. We make sure to work closely with your insurance service provider, including assistance with your claim.

Estimation Of Water Damage

Rely On Us for Water Damage Estimates in Newnan & Coweta

PENCO Restoration has been providing top-notch water damage restoration services, including water damage estimating services, for the past two decades.  We also provide water damage inspection services, insurance claims assistance, restoration equipment, and more for customers in Sharpsburg, Newnan, Senoia, and other cities throughout Georgia. To learn more, call us today at 404-491-8866 or click here to make an appointment.