Attic Water Damage Restoration in Newnan, GA

Water damage in the attic can have severe and far-reaching effects on your house and your health. When water enters your attic area, whether, via leaks, roof damage, faulty ventilation, or other causes, it may cause a chain reaction of problems that affect both the structural integrity of your home and the health of its inhabitants.

This is why obtaining expert water & structural damage restoration from Penco Restoration is important to minimize the damage to your home and structural integrity. Our professionals guarantee that the degree of the damage is thoroughly assessed, followed by efficient mitigation actions.

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Indications of Attic Water Damage

The followings are some indications that you will understand your house’s structure is in danger and you need immediate structural damage restoration:

  • Water stains: Visible water stains on your attic's ceiling or walls are a sign of water intrusion.
  • Discolored or sagging ceiling: A discolored or sagging ceiling is generally a symptom of water buildup.
  • Paint or wallpaper bubbling: Moisture can cause paint or wallpaper to peel or bubble.
  • Rooting wood: Water damage can lead to warped or rotting wooden beams, supports, or insulation.
  • Dampness: A musty or damp odor in the attic indicates excess moisture, which might be the result of water damage.
  • Mold and mildew growth: The appearance of mold or mildew on surfaces shows that the character has been exposed to moisture for an extended period of time.
Attic water damage in need of repair and restoration.

Rely on Penco Restoration for Attic Water Damage Restoration in Covington

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