Home Dry Out after Water Mitigation throughout Newnan, GA 

After a flood, keeping your home dry is one of the most important tasks. Your home might encounter a flood from a burst pipe, toilet overflow, or appliance leak, the initiate must take ASAP to dry out the flooded area. Otherwise, the consequence could be severe as mold and mildew may come out. So, it’s obvious to call a professional to water mitigate and dry out the flooded area as things don’t extend to severe damage.

PENCO Restoration is here to assist you in such a situation in Bethlehem, Oakwood, Peachtree City, Senoia, and other cities in Newnan, GA. Our seasoned specialists utilize commercial-grade equipment for the whole process of rapidly restore your property. Call 404-491-8866 to talk with our 24/7 response team for further information.


Our Home Drying Out Process

Water damage restoration requires multiple procedures. If water damage has occurred on your property, your first step should be to contact a water mitigation service. Once we've assessed the damage and inspected the area, we’ll begin the process of removing the water. Some might assume that after this point, there is nothing else to do.

The following phase of drying out, though, is crucial. When water has been extracted from a structure and coagulated, the next step is to dry the area using high-tech drying equipment. Floors and walls may appear dry after standing water has been removed, but they will be extremely damp to the touch. The experts at PENCO Restoration will dry out all the damp areas to restore and avoid severe consequences.

Superior Home Dry Out Service by PENCO Restoration

For almost a decade of experience, the restoration specialists have been providing water mitigation and dry-out services within our water damage restoration service. Knowing the severity of water damage, we do restore your property rapidly and efficiently. If you are affected somehow by flood call 404-491-8866 or click here to book an appointment for water mitigation and dry out service.