Water Damage Mitigation Process in Atlanta & Newnan, GA

In the workplace or at home, water damage cleanup or restoration is never enjoyable. Floods, plumbing breaks, overflows, excess dampness in certain areas, hidden leaks, and more are common causes of water damage. Water mitigation is part of the cleanup and restoration process that helps limit or avoid severe damage to surfaces, contents and structures. Quick action is the key.

PENCO Restoration assists customers in NewnanLagrange, Atlanta, and Senoia, and throughout our GA service area with a superior water damage mitigation process. For the most effective, thorough water damage mitigation, call us at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to arrange a consultation. We're ready to assist immediately after storms or other disasters. 

Superior Water Mitigation By PENCO

water mitigation process and water removal process

Water mitigation is the first step in the restoration process and mostly consists of removing water from affected areas. This includes both standing water and water that has seeped into carpeting and other porous surfaces. The PENCO Restoration specialists follow a superior mitigating process to clean up and restore your property efficiently and thoroughly. Our water mitigation process includes:

  • Inspection, stop water intrusion: We inspect and assess your water damage after identifying and shutting off the source of your excess water.
  • Water extraction and drying: Standing water is removed with portable extractors, and we use advanced equipment to dry and dehumidify surfaces. Any hidden or difficult-to-reach surfaces are found and checked for potential mold growth, and dried ASAP.

Trust PENCO For Reliable Water Damage Mitigation in Atlanta

PENCO Restoration is the trusted name for water damage mitigation, with nearly 20 years construction experience and more than 700 restoration projects completed. We guarantee that your home will be restored to its pre-loss condition to your full satisfaction, per our PENCO Promise. We assist customers in Atlanta, Carrollton, Fairburn, Douglasville, and throughout our GA service area with water damage restoration, fire damage restorationmold remediation, and much more. Call 404-491-8866 or contact us online to learn more and arrange a consultation.