Water Pipe Breakage & Repair Service in Newnan & Coweta

Accidents can occur at any time, and often without warning. That includes a water pipe break. at your home or office in NewnanCovingtonCowetaSenoia, and other cities within our service area. At PENCO Restoration, we set the industry standard for superior water damage restoration services for residential and commercial customers in DouglasvillePeachtree CityLawrenceville, and other communities within our service area.

When a water pipe or a fire alarm sprinkler breaks, your property becomes a total mess. The fast-flowing water can ruin your prized personal possessions as well as your foundation if the issue is not addressed immediately and properly. Through the years, our IICRC-certified crews have transformed homes throughout Georgia to make them safe, dry, and comfortable once again. When you need our help, call 404-491-8866 or click here to make an appointment today. We can also assist with your insurance claim.

Reasons for a Water Pipe Break

Water Pipe Break

A water pipe may break because of numerous reasons. Let’s see some significant reasons for such occurrence:

  • Frozen water- In winter, water freezes due to low temperature and stops the normal flow of water through the pipes. This icing of water puts excessive pressure on the line until the pipe bursts.
  • Old pipework- Pipes also have a specific life cycle. Engineers state that a typical pipe life is around 20 years. Regular maintenance keeps your lines in good condition, but many older lines can no longer take the pressure, and the pipe bursts. 
  • External pressure- Water pipes may face pressure from outside like tree branches falling, a car passing over lines, or any heaving things that might cause damage and lead to a burst pipe.
  • Clogging- An unresolved clog is a significant reason for pipe bursting. Stubborn clogs might lead to water blockage, which creates excessive pressure on the pipe, and ultimately, it breaks.
  • Water pressure- Excess water pressure within the pipe can lead to damages or a broken pipe.

Does Insurance Cover Water Pipe Breaks in Newnan, Georgia?

Most water damage caused by pipe breaks or frozen pipes is covered by insurance. Insurance varies; most mold and water damage in Newnan, GA, have different policies to cover mold and water damage.

We assure you to we provide support when filing for an insurance claim, and we directly work with insurance companies. Our team is there to assist you round the clock.

Insurance Cover Water Pipe Break in Newnan, Georgia

Rely on PENCO to Fix Your Broken Water Pipe in Newnan & Lawrenceville

PENCO Restoration is a locally-based, licensed, and insured restoration company serving residential and commercial customers throughout our service area, including cities like NewnanGriffinLawrenceville, and Homer. Our employees are background-checked and IICRC-certified, with our emergency crews available 24/7/365 to handle flooding issues related to broken water pipes, plumbing overflows, appliance leaks, sewage overflows, and more. To learn more about our products and services, give us a call at 404-491-8866 or click here to make an appointment today. We can also assist with your insurance claim.