Frozen Pipe Damage Restoration Service around Newnan, GA

In the times of winter, pipes are most likely to get frozen as the water inside them expands. As the pressure inside the pipe increases, the tendency of bursting the pipe also extends. This is a very common cause of water damage in cold areas. But if the damage sustains, it can easily cause destruction to your property foundation. That's why a quick cleanup service is much needed. And a professional company like Penco Restoration can help you out with this. We are one of the leading restoration companies in Georgia, offering high-quality frozen pipe damage restoration services.

Our services are available 24/7 in the following areas of Albany, Newnan, Leesburg, Hogansville, Sylvester, and nearby locations around Georgia. Get in touch with us at 404-491-8866 or go to the link here for online communication.

Signs That You Might Have Frozen Pipe

There could be numerous signals of a frozen burst pipe. Such as:

  • Check the property carefully: Inspect the active leaks and other signs of water damage by exploring the building room by room. Check the exposed pipes to see if there is any frost or dampness. Pay close attention to the areas of the facility that lack heating, such as the restrooms, laundries, and storage rooms.
  • Flush the toilets & turn on the faucets: Make sure they're functioning properly and that the water doesn't have any strange colors or odors. A frozen pipe may have broken if water comes out in a trickle or doesn't come out at all.
  • Make sure to read the water meter: After turning off the main water supply, check on the meter. If the meter is still running, there's a possibility of a burst pipe.

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