Find Water Leaks in Your Property Across Newnan, GA

Every house and structure can have water leaks because of Water Pipe Break, which can be a major concern if they go unnoticed and result in expensive repairs. Despite the fact that you use the same amount of water each month, have you seen a noticeable increase in your monthly water bill? It is likely that you have a water leak, but you haven't noticed it since it has been occurring inside your walls. This might be an underlying problem.

The team of experts at PENCO Restoration can swiftly and precisely discover hidden water leaks in your property and offer a repair service in accordance with your needs by utilizing cutting-edge tools and procedures. For any kind of Water Damage in Newnan, Covington, Coweta, and other cities within our service area.

Signs of Water Leaks in Your Property

Finding a water leak in your home can be very difficult. However, there are several signs that can mean continuous water leaks in your property. If you are experiencing any of the following, we advise you to get in touch with a plumbing expert for Water Damage Inspection and fix it to prevent further damage.

  • Increased Water Bills: You should check for leaks if you observe an increase in your water bill without any clear cause.
  • Unusual Wet Areas: Finding wet areas could be challenging if your leak is not especially large. These can be found on the floor, ceiling, and even on the walls.
  • Stains: An area will eventually get discolored and stained after being continuously wet and dried. Mold or mildew is typically present at the same time.
  • Mold Growth: Mold and mildew grow in wet areas. A water leak may be indicated by the formation of mold and mildew in a wet area.
  • Peeled Paint: Peeled paint is frequently a first indication of a leak that has been going unnoticed for some time. Paint loses its capacity to hold to a wall once it absorbs water.
  • Corroded metal: Rusted metal is proof that the walls may have concealed dampness. An unfixed water leak may be to blame for this wetness.

Contact PENCO Restoration To Find The Hidden Water Leaks

Accidents can happen at any time, frequently without prior notice. It includes a broken water line at your house or place of business in Oconee, Senoia, Moreland, and other cities within our Georgia service area. We at PENCO Restoration set the standard for the best water damage restoration services for both residential and commercial clients.

When you need our help, our IICRC-certified restoration experts are at your service with a phone call at 404-491-8866 or click here to make an appointment today. We can also assist with your insurance claim.