Main Water Line Break Damage across Newnan, GA

An underground pipe called a "Main Water Line" is used to transport water from the nearest water source to the service pipe in your home. What should you do if, for some reason, your main water line breaks? Being the primary supply of water to your house, a main water line break can be disastrous. 

A broken main water line can be one of the major plumbing catastrophes. Every house and structure can have water damage because of the main water line break, which is a major Water Pipe Break. If you experience this main water line break in Newnan, Covington, Coweta, and other cities within our service area, contact PENCO Restoration right away. We are the local water damage restoration service provider in your area.

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The Warning Signs of a Main Water Line Break

Homes, structures, and the local infrastructure can sustain considerable damage as a result of a main water line break. A main water line break can cause basement flooding, structural damage, and the interruption of services including heating, sanitation, and water delivery.  A damaged main water line within the house can be identified by a few warning signs that property owners can watch out for. The following signs from a main water line break are :

  • Grayish dry walls
  • Unexpected high water bill
  • Unexpectedly high water bill
  • Structural cracks in your home
  • Filthy, soiled, or odorous water
  • Water flowing from the pipe is shaded
  • Roadside water puddles in front of your house
  • Sinkholes and unexpected water puddles in your yard
  • Plumbing equipment with insufficient water pressure
  • Ceilings and walls with wet areas, as well as damp flooring

Contact PENCO Restoration to Repair Main Water Line Break

At PENCO Restoration, our certified plumbing experts can quickly and effectively do clean up and restore your main water line breaks. We've set the standard for the best water damage restoration services for both residential and commercial clients in Oconee, Senoia, Moreland, and other cities within our Georgia service area.

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