Main Water Line Break Damage in Atlanta & Newnan, GA

A main water line transports water from an exterior underground pipe to the nearest water source inside your home or business. These main lines can break, leak, freeze, corrode, or otherwise rupture, interrupting your primary water supply or affecting your monthly water costs. Exterior or interior water damage is also a possibility.

PENCO Restoration is your superior, professional solution for main water line break damage. We also provide thorough, reliable water pipe break and more water damage restoration, and are available for 24/7 emergency response when the need arises.

Our main water line damage cleanup, repair, and restoration delivers best results, customer service and 100% satisfaction. We assist customers in Atlanta, Newnan, Fayetteville, Austell, Norcross, Covington, Coweta, and throughout our GA service area. Call us at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with PENCO representative.

Main Water Line Break Warning Signs | Call PENCO

Main water line breaks can cause severe damage, including basement flooding, structural damage, service interruptions, and more. Turn to the PENCO Restoration professionals if you notice any of these signs of main water line breaks:

  • Discolored walls
  • Sudden, unexpected higher water bills
  • Structural, foundation or other cracks
  • Dirty, discolored or odor-ridden tap water
  • Exterior puddling or sinkholes
  • Dying grass or landscape damage
  • Insufficient water pressure
  • Damp interior flooring, walls, or other surfaces
Water pipe burst

Contact PENCO Restoration For Main Water Line Break Damage in Athens

Main water line breaks can occur, frequently without any prior indication. We assist residential or commercial customers with broken main water lines or hidden leak detection in Oconee, Senoia, Moreland, and cities across our GA service area. PENCO Restoration is the industry leader for residential or commercial water damage restoration across the Atlanta and Newnan, GA area.

Our IICRC-certified restoration experts deliver the best results, customer service, and complete satisfaction. Call us today at 404-491-8866 or contact us online to book an appointment with PENCO Restoration team member. Ask about our insurance claim and billing assistance for your convenience during the recovery process.